In the Flo

I’m currently reading ‘In the Flo’ by Alisa Vitti who writes beautifully about the amazing-ness of women’s bodies and how to live in tune with our cycles to find strength and power and most importantly avoid burnout.  I’m just going to go ahead and quote right out of the book here because I’ve certainly never heard our reproductive systems described in this way before:

“The female reproductive system is the crowning achievement of human evolution and reproduction. Efficient and highly adaptable, seven hormones work in symphonic relationship to cause four highly refined processes to take place in a given monthly cycle: the development of multiple follicles, ovulation, the building of the lining of the uterus (to prepare for possible conception), and the release of that lining when conception does not occur. When conception does occur, the process of gestation is absolutely breath-taking. The rate of growth of the foetus made possible by changes in the woman’s hormones, immune function, and metabolism is astonishing. And the fact that this process is also beneficial to the mother is remarkable as well. The process of labour and delivery – one that seems to pose extreme physical danger – is the peak example of how women’s bodies transform into a channel of power to safely deliver the baby and preserve themselves. The female body, biologically potent, supports this menstrual and reproductive process by being the more efficient extractor of micronutrients from food, by having the more developed immune system, by having a slightly slower metabolic system to retain nutrients for as long as possible before the elimination system gets to them and by having more connections of nerve fibres between the two hemispheres of the brain. This biological precision ensures that a woman is sensitive to herself, her body, her community, and her environment, so she can make the best decisions for her well-being, as she is the one privileged by nature’s design to carry the intense responsibility of creating the next generation of humans. And when not creating a human, all of these same systems support her in being a strong and attuned leader in her community and in the world”.

I work with women who are struggling with the many debilitating symptoms of imbalanced hormones and I’m excited to add the wisdom I am learning from this book into my practice. I believe that we need not be at war with our bodies. We have an innate wisdom and if we listen in we will find they are trying to tell us something.

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