The Acu-Nap

As you’d expect an acu-nap is the nap you take during your acupuncture treatment. Anyone who’s experienced this deeply restorative snooze will tell you that it’s deeply restorative. But why is it so special? Well, there’s a lot going on in the world right now and it’s easy to feel at best helpless, and at worse completely overwhelmed by the news….

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Is modern life making me anxious?

The short answer is probably, yes – modern life could be making you anxious. Anxiety is a totally NORMAL reaction to the stresses and pressures of modern life. It’s hard out there. And getting more so….

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Living with chronic illness

In many of our minds when we think of chronic illness we think of the serious stuff – cancer, diabetes, heart disease. But what about all the little niggly stuff? The little bits of pain you just put up with. The bodily functions that don’t quite function. The low mood that doesn’t stop you from getting stuff done but hangs around in the background. 

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Let’s trust women’s bodies to give birth

I trust women’s bodies to give birth. I see lots of women in the last few weeks of their pregnancy to prepare for birth. I also see lots of women who have passed their estimated due date and want to encourage the baby along.  With both my children I went past my estimated due date by some time, and I remember the pressures well.

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Are acupuncture mats any good?

Are acupuncture mats any good? You’ve probably seen these acupuncture mats online or perhaps you’ve even bought one and it’s currently lying under your bed gathering dust! I’ve been asked by many of my patients if they’re worth buying, so I thought I’d share my experiences here so you can decide if it’s something that might be right for you….

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Fibromyalgia is a pain condition that mostly affects women. It involves muscle pain and tenderness in multiple joints or areas of the body. The pain can be hard to treat with conventional medicine and is often chronic. It’s also often accompanied by fatigue, poor sleep, poor memory, and changes in mood. Like all chronic pain conditions, it typically limits people’s ability to do the

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