Soya vs dairy vs…?

The big question for many people today is how does soya vs dairy compare? I started experimenting with following a more plant-based diet recently and our family has been cutting down on meat over the last couple of years but remained big dairy consumers thanks to endless bowls of cereal and the favourite dinner (uniquely enjoyed by all members) of macaroni cheese. A Game…

You are how you eat

In the final part of this series I will look at the idea ‘you are how you eat’. Be mindful

You are when you eat

You are when you eat. Who hasn’t heard the saying ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’? But why? What difference does it make to eat at certain times of day? Chinese dietary advice is pretty simple when it comes to timings.

You are what you eat

The old saying goes ‘you are what you eat’. But have you ever considered that you might also be how you eat and when you eat? And what should you be eating anyway?