what to expect from acupuncture treatment

what to expect

During the first appointment I will ask a number of questions to make a diagnosis of your main complaint and to get an overall picture of your health. I will then take a look at your tongue and feel your pulses and carry out an examination of any external physical complaints.

Follow-up sessions will involve a discussion of your progress along with the appropriate treatment for that time.

How many treatments will you need

This will always depend on the individual – some acute conditions may improve almost immediately whilst some chronic conditions may take much longer.  For example fertility treatment usually takes place over a three month period whilst treatment for acute pain relief will have an immediate effect.

The effects of acupuncture last longer when it is given as a course of treatment and as a general rule I would recommend 4-6 regular weekly sessions.  We would then review how treatment has progressed and decide whether any further treatment is required.

Patients often find that having an ongoing monthly acupuncture session is an effective way of optimising good health.

What does it feel like

The needling sensation is often described as a dull ache, warmth or a tingling sensation. The needles used are extremely fine and treatment should not be painful. In general patients report feeling relaxed during and after treatment.

what does it cost

I am more than happy to discuss your treatment needs without charge prior to treatment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal chat before booking.

Appointment fees for acupuncture:

First appointment: £60 (75 mins)

Follow-up appointment: £45 (45 mins)

Please note that should you fail to arrive for an appointment without prior notice then the full fee is payable.  If you need to cancel your appointment please give at least 24 hours notice.

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